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  • June 04, 2018

    This summer, we are taking the Chill Out Summer Acoustic Tour all across the US. Also, “Another Day”, a new song we wrote with The Rocket Summer will be dropping soon. Stoked to be hitting the road with him and Kulick.
    Tickets / VIP available 10am local time Wednesday at 
    See you soon ❤️

    July 8 - Columbus, OH
    July 9 - Pittsburg, PA
    July 11 - Boston, MA
    July 12 - Philadelphia, PA
    July 13 - Hartford, CT
    July 14 - New York, NY
    July 15 - Washington DC
    July 17 - Atlanta, GA
    July 18 - Orlando, FL

  • March 13, 2018

    Excited to announce that Kellin and Nick will be hitting the road for a week of acoustic performances across the West Coast for Kellin's clothing line Anthem Made! $30 gets you a shirt, ticket for the performance, and a signed object of your choice! 
    The dates are as follows: 

    March 16 - Medford Oregon, Los Arcos 

    March 18 - Rocklin/Sacramento CA, Springview Park. 

    March 19 - Fullerton CA, The Slide Bar.

    March 20 - Los Angeles CA, Junior High Gallery. 
    Pay on location and watch @anthem_made and @kellinquinn on Instagram for updates on event times!

  • December 05, 2017

    Another round of shows to announce! We’re doing a run of shows in Canada and the US to start the year off with a bang. Tickets for all shows will be available Friday, Dec. 8 at 10am local time.
    More US shows to come later in the year as well... 

    Jan 22 - Philadelphia, PA*
    Jan 23 - Clifton Park, NY
    Jan 25 - Montreal, QC
    Jan 26 - Toronto, ON
    Jan 27 - Reading, PA
    Jan 29 - Columbus, OH
    Jan 30 - Joliet, IL
    Jan 31 - Minneapolis, MN
    Feb 01 - Winnipeg, MB
    Feb 03 - Calgary, AB
    Feb 04 - Edmonton, AB
    Feb 06 - Vancouver, BC
    Feb 07 - Spokane, WA
    Feb 09 - Salt Lake City, UT
    Feb 13 - Lincoln, NE
    Feb 14 - Grand Rapid, MI
    Feb 16 - Indianapolis, IN

    *Tickets purchased for the canceled Philly stop of the “

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